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Why do so many kids hate school?

Reports show around 40,000 children in the UK are persistently absent.

We think the children themselves have the answers, if anyone’s ready to listen.

We believe school should be an amazing place to be; full of opportunities, insight and creativity. We’re on the hunt for the true meaning of ‘success’ and ‘excellence’ and what the real point of school is.

As a group of 6 current students and recent graduates (and drop outs) we have a unique ability to access the real world of today‘s young people.

We don’t profess to have all the solutions from the outset, but we are sure that the voices of students from across the country are the biggest missing element in solving the problems with the mainstream system today.

Young people are the ones experienced in education, now it’s their time to talk.


1) Very brief opening on the importance and relevance of education to every facet of our lives; society and economy.

2) Present indisputable evidence of a largely dysfunctional education system in the UK

3) Collect the thoughts, questions and suggestions on education from scores of young people and students across the UK, capturing a range of educational experiences and backgrounds

4) Identify schools that are today already implementing alternative practices and assess how to apply the best of these more broadly

5) Present the young people's suggestions to individuals with the authority and experience to implement them (top down reform)

6) Making the general public aware of their choices within the current system, and breaking down any prejudices towards vocational qualifications.

7) Translating what we've learned into real changes that teachers and parents can implement into their day-to day lives (bottom up reform)

A 15 Yr old GCSE student will host the interviews and discussions, as well as narrate the documentary. We are also giving cameras to young people, to capture their own world at school, home, etc Like education should be, the documentary will be fun with a sense of humour and creative character, with poetic animations and strong visual style. Rather than being an anonymous production team, the 6 of us on the adventure of creating SOT will be included as a small part of the story, backed by an original soundtrack composed and executed mostly by emerging young artists.