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Hello, I am Charlie writing for the Schools of Thought team. I imagine some people might ask:
“So why make a film on education, surely that’s going to be boring to watch?”

Well I would reply:
“We don’t do boring. Education is only perceived as boring, because for many people, that is what it has become. Education is absolutely everything we experience; whether we are meeting new people, playing the guitar or doing a crossword – it’s all education.
Many people think of education and learning as just a bit of maths, a bit of English and the rest is remembering and regurgitating information. But these are only a few skills out of many skills a person can learn.
In my opinion, education is about developing your mental and physical skills, solving problems in life, playing and having fun, becoming happy, and evolving and shaping the world around us. It is everything in life: from the moment we are born to the moment we die, we are constantly in education.
So yes it can be boring, but it can also be exciting, funny, scary, incredible and supremely rewarding.”

But then they could ask:
“But why are you making a film on Education at all?”

... All of us in the Schools of Thought team feel that education could be better. Although our government tries to find ways of making schools better very often, they seem to miss one vital element: asking the students what they want.
So the reason for making this documentary is to give those young people a voice, in order to get a better idea of what should be done to improve schools.

“What for?”

For the sake of everything. Education is at the heart of everything people do – a better education for everyone will create a better world for everyone. Fact.

Zsazsa Shea
Zsazsa Shea
15, Presenter.

Student at Sands school in Devon, politically strong minded, opinionated and passionate about improving the way children are educated around the world.
Charlie Shread
Charlie Shread
20, Co-Creator and 2nd Cameraman.

Recently a Film Production student at the Arts University College at Bournemouth, love’s imagining, designing things, making short films; an ambitious wannabe director.
Jake Chilcott
Jake Chilcott
21, Sound Designer.

Student at Bournemouth University, studying music and audio technology. Loves music: listening to and making it and also loves making films.
Luke Flegg
Luke Flegg
23, Co-Creator and Cinematographer.

Freelance video production. He is an example illustrating the failure of conventional education who found himself rejected by the mainstream school system.
Riddhi Bhalla
Riddhi Bhalla
26, Co-Creator and Producer.

Has recently left behind her career in investment banking to pursue her passions. she hopes more people make their lives meaningful and fulfilling by identifying their interests and discovering who they are.